Leasa Harris

Bills Fishhouse + Salty Crew Kiosk

Restaurant and Kiosk
Bills Fishhouse is a casual, modern dining space that embraces locally sourced, seasonal and seasonal produce ingredients to produce simple, uncomplicated food. Salty Crew Kiosk is located on the stunning Town Beach, some come for the coffee, some for the sea breeze. Others come with the kids, the paper, the dog … sometimes all three. But they all come for the ocean views and the delicious food! Salty Crew Kiosk offers a great spot that dishes up tasty fare, good tunes and a beach vibe.
Leasa's Contact Details
Phone: 0265847228

Personal Bio

Co - Owner - Bills Fishhouse + Bar Co-Owner - Salty Crew Kiosk Operations Manager - Makepeace Island

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