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We are a mum and dad that were tired of paying hiked-up prices on imports and basics for everyday living - just like the items you see on We worked out that we were better off buying online to save our time and money, and spend it on the important things in life, like locally grown quality produce, eating at our local cafes and restaurants, enjoying our weekends as a family and spending on our children's education! We decided to share our secret with other families in Australia, and around the world. We offer you low prices to save you money and an online experience to save you time so you can do what you love most with your family & friends. - it's always better to buy online!
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I am a career mum with a full-time role as the Associate Director Marketing, APAC, for a leading global provider of trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that engage clinicians, patients, researchers, students and the next generation of healthcare providers with advanced clinical decision support, learning and research, and clinical intelligence. Our proven solutions drive effective decision-making and consistent outcomes across the continuum of care. As a hobby I recently opened an online retail store, - whatever may come of it, it has been personally satisfying and I am able to apply my digital marketing skills to a personal gain. I am fortunate to work, in my full time role, remotely from my home in Port Macquarie - my husband's home town. We're very fortunate and proud to share his local family history with our child. My husband's great-great family were one of the last Lighthouse keepers, and once called the maritime museum, between Oxley and Town Beaches, home. My family history lies in Portugal, where I was born. I have called Australia (Sydney) home for some 35 years; I migrated with my parents and older brother in the early 80's to what is now a trendy inner city suburb of Surry Hills, and grew up in and around the inner suburbs of Sydney. I met my husband in Hobart at a conference, when I was based on the Central Coast for work, and moved back to Sydney before taking the leap to Port Macquarie where our son can spend his youth enjoying coastal living and not the traffic mayhem and CO2 emissions 'in the big smoke'.

Promotion: is giving 10% of all sales, until the end of Sept to Drought Angels, supporting farmers in need.

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