Tracy Holmes

Collective Three Marketing

Handmade Card & Wedding Invitations & adverts for social media
A small business owner specialising in handmade bespoke cards and wedding invitations I also create adverts for social media for small Mum and Dad companies who don't have time to create their own adverts and run their Facebook pages
Tracy's Contact Details
Phone: 0419699121

Personal Bio

Took the giant step and left my full time job in real estate to work for myself in March 2019. I grew up in Port Macquarie and have married a local man and we have two beautiful children together. We love Port Macquarie and all it has to offer.

Promotion: $45 per hour to create your own adverts to feed to your Facebook page, or $70 per week for Collective Three Marketing to create the adverts and run your page for you delivering a minimum of 4-5 scheduled posts per week.