Jenna O'Connell

The Posify Group

Too many people report feeling disconnected to the things that matter most. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific research, we’re out to change that! We connect individuals and organisations to their purpose using positive psychology and design thinking strategies, delivered through workshops, online programs and consulting services. A local sister-duo, we combine expertise across corporate change management and training, education, career development, transformational leadership, psychology and design thinking, to help people build a life they're proud of - one that drives meaning within and positive impact around. We are actively engaged with individuals, schools and organisations driven to make a positive impact in their work, and welcome conversations on how to drive more meaning in your school, work, or home.
Jenna's Contact Details
Phone: 0409071825

Personal Bio

Jenna is a proud 21st-century multipotentialite, driven more by the ‘why’ than the 'what' of her work. This career approach has led to an amalgam of experience across more than 5 industry sectors and a multitude of job titles, many of which she has juggled simultaneously. Jenna’s current suite of work ‘hats’ includes Co-Director of The Posify Group, Director of The Optimistic Educator, K-12 Relief Teacher, Tutor, and Mum. She thrives on creativity, curiosity and play, and channels her inner child's sense of imagination to dream up possible solutions for life's wicked problems. Jenna’s audacious dream is to not only see an end to poverty in her lifetime, but a world where everyone is given the education, support and opportunity to imagine their big dreams alive.

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