Aimee Pelley

The Seed Creative Workshops

Art Classes, creative workshops and private pARTies
The Seed Creative Workshops was founded by Aimee, the business woman behind the successful Paint Your Town enterprise. Aimee had a vision to provide a fun, relaxed, safe and inspirational creative space to our region and so the idea of The Seed was planted. The Seed Creative Workshops is a space where we hold regular artistic classes to inspire your individual creativity. It is fun, inspirational and just an all round kick ass space where beginners to advanced kids and adults can learn a range of new creative skills in a variety of mediums. Aimee is passionate about teaching and guiding all individuals to express themselves through art and create THEIR own masterpiece in a fun, supportive environment.
Aimee's Contact Details
Phone: 0447114796

Personal Bio

Art Teacher, Business Owner, Mum. Aimee grew up in America knowing she would be an artist and teacher. Her passion started very young when she would pause her Disney VHS tapes (wow, that's a long time ago!) to draw the characters from the screen. She continued drawing for book covers, her school programs and art competitions winning a few prizes and awards along the way. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Art Education and Fine Arts from Armstrong Atlantic State University in USA in 2008. Aimee quickly took a preschool teaching job then landed her dream art position in a primary school in Savannah Georgia. She has worked in primary and high school art programs, developed a creative arts program in Georgia USA, created a school holiday program here in Port Macquarie called C.A.M.P Port Mac, and owns/operates Paint Your Town Australia. But she has never opened her own studio until now - and man are you in for a treat! Aimee is energetic and fun, yet patient with kids and kind with teaching her skills. Her goal is to have each participant have a sense of pride and accomplishment that they take home. "I thrive on helping people ignite their creativity. It's been a passion of mine forever. I want to help people discover their own creative flair by encouraging them to try new mediums and techniques and incorporate that in their own artworks." Art is good for all souls, which is a firm belief at The Seed. Aimee is driven by helping all abilities participate in art making. She provides easy tips to manipulate materials and in-depth guidance tailored to each customer's unique ability. All of our classes are completely inclusive; everyone can join in. Carers are welcome to come and even join in too. Art is good for the soul and that goodness is universal. Aimee's out to help all people harness their creativity and make their mark.