Grayce Gerke

Physio Pilates Collective

Physiotherapy, Womens Health & Pilates
My name is Grayce and I am a qualified Physiotherapist who has a passion for all things womens health. Over the years I have completed extensive training in the area and am also a qualified Pilates Instructor. I work closely with women from all ages and life stages to achieve their goals. After being pregnant with my daughter, I realised the importance of seeking professional help in the area of womens Health as there are many significant changes and events that occur. And it is true, we do tend to put our health on the back burner! Unfortunately the statistics are getting worse for women as we age, and I am hoping to help minimise that. In 2020 I created Physio Pilates Collective in hopes of helping women, promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating a safe space for women.
Grayce's Contact Details
Phone: 0488231678

Personal Bio

Im a local born and bred Port Macquarie girl, who at the age of 18years, jetset off to live in the United Kingdom for 12months. I then travelled back to Australia and completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy. At the end of my final year of placement I managed to get a job here in a local well known Physiotherapy clinic, where I saw out my first few years in the job. I then relocated to Newcastle with my fiance, to follow his career, where we soon welcomed our beautiful daughter. Throughout my time in Newcastle I started my own physiotherapy business 'Physio Pilates Collective'. In June 2020 we decided to move back to Port Macquarie to be closer to family.