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Men's Tailored Jackets
Until recently, my husband and I were co-owners of Port Macquarie Taxis for 9 years, where my role was to oversee Media and Community Relations. The recent sale of our business has now opened the door for a new chapter. Currently I oversee the sales and marketing for a fun online men's jacket business called Yolomen. Yolomen jackets are for anyone that isn’t cut from the average cloth. Our wild prints, premium fabrics and exceptional tailoring are guaranteed to set you apart; no matter the occasion, a Yolomen suit jacket is sure to kick it up a notch. Yolomen’s motto is You Only Live Once, don’t live in grey. The concept was borne out of a group of blokes going away for 'mental health' weekends. They stumbled across the idea of wearing crazy loud jackets as an escape from the day to day “grey” in their lives. The positive impact on their psychological wellbeing really freshened their perspective on life after these weekends and they were keen to share the feeling for other blokes to experience. The wearer of a Yolomen jacket is guaranteed a truly unique experience. The jackets are always a conversation starter. You meet people who would have otherwise just passed you by. You become this space for fun; strangers immediately become friends and the jackets act as a catalyst for interaction. As well as striking appearance, Yolomen emphasise quality; there’s nothing cooler than craftsmanship, right? Our premium fabrics and designs are unique, the jackets are all tailored to custom order and we offer FREE shipping Australia wide. We’re also proud supporters of beyondblue, an Australian organisation working to raise awareness for, and reduce the stigma of, anxiety and depression. At, our dazzling jackets are both smart, and totally, brilliantly absurd. That’s the ethos in a nutshell; you only live once, so why wear grey? Yolomen helps to fill the nooks and crannies for now but I'm open to new opportunities!
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I am the mother of 2 adult daughters who both live and work in Sydney. There's one child left in the nest and he is 16 years old, plus a supportive and hardworking husband.... I'm a natural networker and really enjoys working to build genuine relationships with customers, business alliances and community initiatives. I am also very proud to be a Committee Member of HBWN, fulfilling the role of Membership Coordinator for the fifth year in 2018. I am very grateful for the personal and professional rewards I receive in this role and love meeting and constantly learning from the wonderful women associated with this network. Launching a youth membership that embodies the HBWN ethos of Educating, Empowering & Encouraging is a key focus of my portfolio. Working with a passionate and motivated sub -committee of female youth leaders in our community has seen this level of membership thrive. HBWN are delighted to see the FreeThinkers Youth Initiative develop as an exciting framework to support and celebrate young women realising their dreams and career aspirations.

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