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Tailored professional Kinesiology treatments
For as long as I can remember I have been interested in progressing towards optimal health and well-being. Respecting the role of nutrition and fitness, I recognise that true well-being is not skin deep.. I found this time and time again over the course of my search for physical vitality, mental and emotional balance, and my sincere interest in others. I’m passionate about empowering and inspiring people to be the best they can be and seeing them living to their potential. This is reflected in my 10 year professional engagement as a corporate trainer and coach.
I am very excited to share the skills and experiences I have worked to accumulate over the past 20 years, by incorporating them into my business "Complete Being Kinesiology". I offer this with the intention of guiding you in achieving Holistic Health, Vibrant Energy and a Connected Life.

Kinesiology is a dynamic complementary therapy that integrates Eastern Philosophies with Western Science. It is an effective health system that assists with a wide range of health and life issues. Most importantly, it works holistically, focusing on health maintenance, disease prevention as well as client education and empowerment. It teaches and encourages us to take charge of our health and life goals and make changes to achieve the quality of life we all deserve.
Kinesiology uses non-invasive tools and techniques that enable the practitioner to look beyond the presenting symptoms. It aims to uncover and shift the underlying root causes or energetic blockages as well as identify why we hold on to certain behaviour or mind patterns, potential destructive habits, emotional or mental stresses.

I am a highly certified Kinesiologist after studying at one of the most reputable and renowned Kinesiology colleges of Australia. The Advanced Diploma qualification I hold is the highest ranked available. The 3 years of study had intensive practical application as a primary focus, on both fellow students and clients via the student clinic.
My skills and qualifications coupled with over 11 years of receiving and benefiting from Kinesiology myself, enable me to provide professional, comprehensive and individually tailored treatments. I am committed to my clients and work with them in partnership, to reach the desired outcomes and bring about positive, long lasting results.
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Phone: 02 6582 7459

Personal Bio

I moved to Port Macquarie after spending 13 years in Perth, WA, where I changed my career path from Hospitality to the Financial Services Industry. I worked for Westpac for over 12 years in various roles across Personal, Business and Commercial Banking and gained valuable experience managing and collaborating with people, sales and delivering training to both clients and colleagues.
Whilst my job was very rewarding, I felt the effects of such a high powered and demanding role. In order to center myself and help me cope with stress, I turned to Yoga as a practise and undertook a Yoga Instructor course to deepen my knowledge. I completed Reiki I and Reiki II as per the original Usui System of Reiki Healing and gained a lot from learning this practise and sharing it. To date Yoga and Reiki, coupled with Reformer Pilates, are an essential part of my life. Over time I have carefully selected a valuable network of alternative health practitioners whose professional and personal insights have assisted me in developing a broader perspective on health.
Kinesiology stood out to me as it addressed my physical and nutritional health as well as assisted me immensely with my mental-emotional balance, which later led me to enrol in the Advanced Diploma course.

I firmly believe in taking care of the core elements of our well-being and addressing all contributing factors as to why we may be presented with health and life challenges. Joining forces with other business owners and health care practitioners, sharing experiences and promoting each other’s services, where appropriate, is very important to me. I am looking to build symbiotic relationships to not only serve our individual business goals but first and foremost our clients’ goals. This is one of the many reasons why I joined the Hastings Business Women’s network.
I am looking forward to connecting with other members and being part of this group, which has been so warmly welcoming.

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