Alpa Conroy

Canvas Momentz

Printing and Framing
Canvas Momentz has been established in Port Macquarie for years but I purchased the business in December 2020. With fresh eyes and a creative approach to business and have the equipment to print big, so I am looking to expand the availability of large, high-quality digital art and photographic prints in Port.
Alpa's Contact Details
Phone: 02 65812666

Personal Bio

I moved to Port over 20 years ago as a pharmacist but 8 years ago took a plunge and embarked on a career change. My husband and I purchased a business (JBL Glass) which we still jointly run. In this time, JBL has grown from just the 2 of us to now employing 14 with Canvas Momentz being another cog in the machine. Besides work, we have 3 kids and love to travel, camp, and hang out with them.