Vanessa Lawrence

Vanessa Lawrence

The Style Vibe by Vanessa Jaane

Fashion Stylist

At the Style Vibe Creative it is our goal is to help you create or enhance a professional image for yourself and your business to help reach more clients and get noticed in the community, online and to the world! 

By using our Business Branding Services, we provide a personally curated styling session & photo shoot suited to your personality, industry and business. These images can be used for social media, marketing material or to create a gallery of photos to help build brand awareness.

Together with our professional partners consisting of Hair & Make-Up Artists, Photographers, Videographer, Website Developers, Social Media Managers and more use our Brand Amplification Package to highlight and showcase your business to the world! 

Fashion Styling is also what we do by helping to create some seriously stylish content for maximum impact for your brand, boutique or next fashion campaign! 


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Phone: 0412065903

Personal Bio

Hi i'm Ness! I hold a Masters in Professional Fashion Styling and was awarded the Australian Style Institute's 2019 Stylist of the Year. I have over 20 years experience in the fashion industry working across sales, merchandising, marketing, product design and development , small business management, events, runway shows, modelling portfolio shoots and business branding, content creation, social media and more! I love creating eye catching and engaging imagery through styling to help small business owners reflect who they are in the most authentic way, and help to promote a strong sense of brand to their community and beyond.