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Dimensions of Health, Managing Stress and Creating Positive Change

Posted by Deb Saunders on 23 April 2020
Dimensions of Health, Managing Stress and Creating Positive Change

In today's world we are experiencing environmental, health and economic changes like never before and we live busier lives than ever before, so we need to get better at managing our stress than ever before!

Stress is a blessing when we harness the powers it provides to our brain.

We're all under a lot of stress right now, and for good reason, but it's so important that we don't let our stress become harmful to our overall health.

Manage your stress and bring about positive change in your life

We're experiencing a lot of change right now, however the one thing in this that we can be grateful for is the opportunity/reminder to re-focus our priorities.

Are you experiencing a slowdown in your routine activities, more quality time with your family or the opportunity to embrace technology that previously seemed unattainable? Why not use this time to try out a new way to take your business online that you didn't have the time (or pressure) to do before. Sometimes out of the stress we try new things and that provides us with valuable new experiences. 

Has your business suffered through these changes or have you been able to pivot to survive? Either way this is a time to do what you can, acknowledge what you can't and plan for a future that continues to line up with your purpose. When we take action we alleviate the pressue and tension to free up enough brain resources to think of new and improved ways to tackle the challenges we face. If you believe that you have the capacity to make change you will be able to find the energy to mobilise yourself and take action. 

Remember our stress give us:

  1. Insight
  2. Information
  3. Energy

Listen to what your stress is telling you - assess the situation, appreciate what you're stress is telling you and adjust your actions to reduce demand or increase capacity (both if you can).

We can train our brains - If we are always multitasking then we get distracted more, if we focus on problems then we notice more problems. This will all contribute to an inability to manage stress.

Knowing this let's train our brains to get a more positive outcome.

Your brain will be happiest when:

  • You take the time to re-charge so you have the capacity to cope
  • You create connection and build a positive tribe around you with like-minded people
  • You have clarity and a sense of meaning or purpose behind the things you do

Looking after our wellbeing in entirety is so important. If we think about the 5 dimensions of health and how they are being balanced this can go a long way toward managing our stress, for example:

  • Emotional Do you know how you're feeling? Why not start a journal, practice gratitude through meditation, do something nice for someone, take up yoga or take a walk. The key to your emotional health is to take the time to do something that re-energises you, everyone is different so how you do this is unique to you but it is equally important to everyone that they map out some time to 'fill up your cup' this will really help you manage all other areas of your life.
  • Social I can see that at a time of social distancing our friends, family and communities are connecting more than ever. We thrive when we feel like we're part of a tribe, work hard towards creating a tribe around you. If you feel like you need a tribe now is a great time to get connected through local groups that interest you. As a local business woman HBWN could be the tribe for you! (shameless plug)
  • Spiritual People who don't have a strong purpose or why in life are often more prone to issues with other aspects of their health. Now is a great time to re-establish your purpose and create a community around you with similar aspirations, working towards clear objectives whether in life or in business will always improve your ability to reach your goals.
  • Physical We all know how important how health, nutrition and sleep are. Were you someone who loved the gym but now find yourself having to establish new routines and motivate yourself? So many of our local gyms have created online communities where they still work out and share nutrition tips together, tap into that if you haven't already. I'm sure many of you are spending much more time in front of a screen now too, I know I am, which makes it even more important to set some boundaries for yourself and make sure you shut down to get the right amount of rest to re-charge that brain for another day.
  • Mental What are you doing to ensure that you're getting enough mental stimulation? Is now a good time to upskill through some of the free short courses on offer through TAFE or through the government subsidised course through our universities?

Take responsibility for the energy you bring to the time that you have!

An interesting fact about our brain is that our outlook is influenced by non-conscious sensory cues. This means that the environment that we live, work and socialise in influences our brain to be more calm and confident or to be on high alert. We can use these cues to make positive changes to that part of our brain. Because we spend so much time at work and we're all business women I'll start there, but the ideas are transferrable across all aspects of our life.

  1. Have a quiet space where you can re-charge. Maybe you could take your laptop and work outside for a while, put on some calming music or do some yoga in your lunch break (whatever works for you).
  2. Have images of nature in your work space and bring elements of nature into your workspace, even look at the colours - are they soothing? Why not check out some local artists - Arthouse Industries & The Seed Creative
  3. Be active through your day - walk in the morning, walk at lunch or do a gym class, just be active and get those endorphins pumping!
  4. Set up a ritual or routine to unplug from work and start the re-charge process, have you thought about Pilates on Cue or check out The Posify Group.
  5. Appreciate the funny stuff because it really can improve the quality of your life.

In understanding your dimensions of health, the importance of stress, your brain and your energy I hope you find yourself with more focus, more creativity and more resilience in your life. 

Oh and one more thing...

For all of the women who, like me, have been trapped in (and may jump in and out of regularly) the viscous cycle of feeling like they have to do everything and be everything to everyone I'd like to share a book with you that I've found really valuable. It's called Rushing Woman's Syndrome and I highly recommend it, there is some great wisdom to take away as well as practical tips on living a fulfilling life without the rush.

Coincidently as I was reading through this book there is a message I will leave with you all today:

'Don't let it take a health crisis to wake you up to change the way you're living'.

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