President & Spokesperson - Kelly King

Kelly is a strategic marketer with over 30 years' experience. Her multiplicity of skills, results driven passion and ability to align strategic marketing values with core objectives delivers winning strategies and effective outcomes for her clients. Her expertise lies in marketing planning and implementation, brand development and alignment, below the line and business communications, including corporate profiles, tender submissions, business plans and presentations. 

Kelly has been a member of the HBWN since 2013 and part of the Committee team as Events Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, International Women's Day Event Coordinator and President.

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HBWN President & Spokesperson - Kelly King

Vice President - JENNY EDMUNDS

Jenny is the Community Coordinator at The Westport Club, Port Macquarie.
The business is built on relationships, which is why she is so lucky to do what she is so passionate about - helping others.  As the community face for The Westport Club, Jenny explores opportunities for the Club to help others within the community and build strong relationships.

As a member of the senior leadership team she mentors, coaches and leads team members, challenging them to be the best they can be, professionally, personally and within their community.  Jenny's background is in business and sports management.

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HBWN Secretary - Jenny Edmunds


Sharon is a Chartered Accountant and the Principal at Coast Consult, providing innovative bookkeeping and business services to small business in and around the Hastings area (and beyond). Sharon is a highly driven individual who is passionate about improving organisational systems and developing workforce skills and capability.

As HBWN Treasurer, Sharon is responsible for all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the organisation's finances.

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HBWN Treasurer - Sharon Ekendahl

Secretary - Charmain Woods

Charmain is a full time student having completed the Associate Degree of Paralegal and shortly completion of the Bachelor of Laws at Southern Cross University. She has previously worked as a paralegal in several law firms in Port Macquarie and has a career background in operational policing in the Victoria Police Force for over 24 years, attaining the rank of Sergeant. She is passionate about all things law and upon completion of her legal qualification she would like to open her own law firm and move towards becoming a Barrister. 

Charmain is pleased to be appointed HBWN Secretary to expand her personal growth and knowledge while supporting our amazing network and dynamic team of individuals.

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HBWN Secretary - Charmain Woods

Events Coordinator - Laura Fava

Laura has a wealth of knowledge and experience that stems from working for more than 10 years in hotel management and being a small business owner in the hospitality industry. Now working with Seachange Accounting, Laura’s love for numbers grew whilst doing bookkeeping for her own business, which encouraged her to successfully complete a Bachelor of Accounting degree. Laura also brings skills and experience in customer service, marketing, administration and teaching to the HBWN Events Coordinator role. 

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HBWN Events Coordinator - Laura Fava

Professional Development Coordinator - Julie O'Shea

Julie has over 15 years experience in transformation and change leadership roles working for a variety of government and non government organisations. She has a keen interest in natural therapies, Ayurvedic medicine, reiki, spiritual healing, tarot, yoga and meditation.

As Professional Development Coordinator Julie is responsible for the coordination of PD activities and programs that form part of the HBWN annual events calendar. 

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HBWN Professional Development Coordinator - Julie O'Shea

Membership Coordinator - Vanessa Lawrence

Vanessa is the founder of The Style Vibe Creative. She enables businesses to get a clear picture of who they are, what that looks like - and formulate a strategy to connect with more people. She is a huge believer in self empowerment and believes tapping into each person's individual style and flair helps to create genuine branding that resonates with their clients.

Along with her strong styling skillset, Vanessa has extensive experience in a huge range of industries, having tested her skills across several different careers in her working life. She knows people, from all walks of life and she knows how to tap into that special something, that makes them who they are - and sets them apart from the crowd.

Vanessa's Member Profile

HBWN Membership Coordinator -  Vanessa Lawrence

Communications Coordinator - Sophie Knight

Born and raised in the UAE, Sophie moved to Australia with her partner in 2020. After spending 9 months exploring the Queensland coastline on their boat, they decided to set up home in the beautiful Bonny Hills. Sophie has been working at Dragonfly Marketing since May 2021 and has enjoyed getting to know the area and local businesses through her work.

With a background in marketing and event management, Sophie is 'people person' and has joined the HBWN to make friends and build relationships. Sophie enjoys being able to connect people together, whether as a business referral or to introduce like-minded people.

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HBWN Communications Coordinator - Sophie Knight

Sponsorship Coordinator - Gerry Buckland

Gerry is the Principal at Pilates on Cue. Focused on individual client tailoring, Pilates on Cue offers all ages, personal and group training by strengthening, stretching, lengthening, and sculpting with Pilates exercises. Our motto is simple, every step is progress! Reduce body pain, alleviate stress and anxiety.

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HBWN Sponsorship Coordinator - Gerry Buckland