President & Spokesperson - Kelly King

Kelly is a strategic marketer with over 25 years' experience. Her multiplicity of skills, resultsdriven passion and ability to align strategic marketing values with core objectives continues to deliver winning strategies and effective outcomes for her clients. Her expertise lies in marketing planning and implementation, brand development and alignment, below the line and business communications, including corporate profiles, tender submissions, business plans and presentations. 

Kelly has been a member of the HBWN since 2013 and part of the Committee team as Events Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, International Women's Day Event Coordinator and President.

Kelly's Member Profile

HBWN President & Spokesperson - Kelly King

Vice President - Kayley Riddle

Kayley is the Owner and Director of People Engine, working with businesses to align their people engine with their strategy everyday to improve performance and profit.

Previously, Kayley led the Organisational Workforce Development portfolio for the North Coast TAFE and has worked with businesses in Hospitality and Health and Fitness, fulfilling management, human resources and talent development roles. She was fortunate to have spent 5 years in London working for Hilton Hotels in senior Human Resources roles.

Kayley enjoys her role on the Hastings Business Women's Network Committee as it provides her with an opportunity to utilise her experience and energy in providing meaningful learning and added value for the amazing business women in our region.

Kayley's Member Profile

HBWN Vice President - Kayley Riddle

Treasurer - Jill Bell

Jill is the Principal at Positive Bean Accountants. Her business provides mobile accounting and bookkeeping service including BAS agent services. As HBWN Treasurer, Jill is responsible for all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the organisation's finances.

Jill's Member Profile

HBWN Treasurer - Jill Bell

Secretary - Jenny Edmunds

Jenny is the Community Coordinator at The Westport Club, Port Macquarie.
The business is built on relationships, which is why she is so lucky to do what she is so passionate about - helping others.  As the community face for The Westport Club, Jenny explores opportunities for the Club to help others within the community and build strong relationships.

As a member of the senior leadership team she mentors, coaches and leads team members, challenging them to be the best they can be, professionally, personally and within their community.  Jenny's background is in business and sports management.

Jenny's Member Profile

HBWN Secretary - Jenny Edmunds

Events Coordinator - Nicole Liddle

Nicole Liddle has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. In her current role, Nicole is a Plan Manager at All Disability Plan Management helpling clients manage their NDIS plans.

Since joining the HBWN in 2015, Nicole has been an active member of the HBWN Committee. She has enjoyed meeting with members and finding out about their businesses. 

Nicole's Member Profile

HBWN Events Coordinator - Nicole Liddle

Communications Coordinator - Mel Haverfield

Mel is a natural networker and really enjoys working to build genuine relationships with customers, business alliances and community initiatives. Mel is also very proud to be a Committee Member of HBWN since 2013. She is very grateful for the personal and professional rewards received in this role and loves meeting and constantly learning from the wonderful women associated with this network.

Mel's Member Profile

HBWN Communications Coordinator - Mel Haverfield

Membership Coordinator - Holly Mullington

Holly is a graphic designer who specialised in print production in Newcastle before taking on a sea change to Port Macquarie. Since being in Port she has joined her family's business, Port Trophies & Badges. Working with Port Trophies & Badges has given Holly new resources and allowed her to really explore her creativity, and turn her crazy ideas into a reality, such as growing her jewellery design business and exploring event and wedding design ideas.

Holly's Member Profile

HBWN Membership Coordinator -  Holly Mullington

Professional Development Coordinator - Deb Saunders

Deb is the Services Coordinator for TAFE NSW. Her role includes coordinating campus operations and safety, ensuring students are supported during their course and maintain and develop relationships within the community for TAFE NSW.

Deb's Member Profile

HBWN Professional Development Coordinator - Deb Saunders

Sponsorship Coordinator - Gerry Buckland

Gerry is the Principal at Pilates on Cue. Focused on individual client tailoring, Pilates on Cue offers all ages, personal and group training by strengthening, stretching, lengthening, and sculpting with Pilates exercises. Our motto is simple, every step is progress! Reduce body pain, alleviate stress and anxiety.

Gerry's Member Profile

HBWN Sponsorship Coordinator - Gerry Buckland