President & Spokesperson - Skye Petho

Following a successful corporate leadership and training career, Skye has owned and operated her creative business, Arthouse Industries, for the past decade. 

She has been a HBWN Member for over 12 years and an International Women's Day Sub-committee member for the past 10 years. She has positively contributed to the community, supported other small businesses and creatives and been actively involved in making Port Macquarie a better place to live and work.

As President, Skye provides leadership and direction to the Committee, and is responsible for ensuring that the Committee fulfils its obligations for the governance and success of the organisation.

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HBWN President & Spokesperson - Skye Petho

Vice President - sHARON EKENDAHL

Sharon is a Chartered Accountant and the Principal at Coast Consult, providing innovative bookkeeping and business services to small business in and around the Hastings area (and beyond). Sharon is a highly driven individual who is passionate about improving organisational systems and developing workforce skills and capability.

As HBWN Vice President, Jenny is responsible for assisting the President to fulfil her responsibilities for the governance and success of the organisation.

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HBWN Treasurer - Sharon Ekendahl

Vice President - JENNY

Julia Kraemer....

As HBWN Treasurer, Julia is responsible for all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the organisation's finances.

Treasurer - Julia Kraemer

HBWN Secretary - Julia Kraemer

Secretary - Charmain Woods

Charmain has a Bachelor of Law, Associate Degree Paralegal, Diploma of Teaching, Diploma of Criminology and Certificate III in Business Management. Qualified intelligence Analyst and profiler. Charmain has worked in both operational and corporate areas of policing over a 24 year period. She has 3 years experience working in law firms. She is passionate about helping those members of the community who are vulnerable or experiencing crisis. Charmain will soon be admitted as a lawyer and begin practicing law. 

Charmain is pleased to be appointed HBWN Secretary to expand her personal growth and knowledge while supporting our amazing network and dynamic team of individuals.

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HBWN Secretary - Charmain Woods

Events Coordinator - Laura Fava

Laura has a wealth of knowledge and experience that stems from working for more than 10 years in hotel management and being a small business owner in the hospitality industry. Now working with Seachange Accounting, Laura’s love for numbers grew whilst doing bookkeeping for her own business, which encouraged her to successfully complete a Bachelor of Accounting degree. Laura also brings skills and experience in customer service, marketing, administration and teaching to the HBWN Events Coordinator role. 

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HBWN Events Coordinator - Laura Fava

Professional Development Coordinator - Ros Trotter

The Professional Development Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of PD activities and programs that form part of the HBWN annual events calendar. 

As an HR Consultant, Training Coordinator, EI Coach, and Project Manager with HR Culture Pty Ltd, Ros brings a wealth of experience in developing and implementing strategic training programs, fostering emotional intelligence in teams, and creating positive and productive workplace culture to the PD Coordinator role.

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HBWN Professional Development Coordinator - Julie O'Shea

Sponsorship Coordinator - Tarym Wright

As Membership Coordinator, Tarym is responsible for the coordination of potential, new and existing members. She manages on boarding activities including welcoming all new members to the network, proactively identifying guests at events and others in our community as potential members. 

With a genuine passion for people, Tarym brings energy and enthusiasm, combined with honesty and professionalism to her role with the HBWN. 

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HBWN Membership Coordinator -  Tarym Wright

Communications Coordinator - POSITION VACANT

The HBWN Communications Coordinator is responsible for developing, managing and implementing the various communications strategies and initiatives for the HBWN.

The role is currently vacant. If you would like to join our dynamic volunteer committee and apply your communications skills to the HBWN please contact us!

HBWN Communications Coordinator - Olive Schultheis

Membership Coordinator - Gerry Buckland

Gerry is the Principal at Pilates on Cue. Focused on individual client tailoring, Pilates on Cue offers all ages, personal and group training by strengthening, stretching, lengthening, and sculpting with Pilates exercises. Our motto is simple, every step is progress! Reduce body pain, alleviate stress and anxiety.

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HBWN Sponsorship Coordinator - Gerry Buckland