CSU Workshop #3 Visual Communication - The role of design in business

CSU Professional Development Workshop Series

Improve your professional knowledge in a collaborative environment. We have partnered with CSU and designed a series of interactive and engaging workshops that cover different areas of business.

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About: So much of what we 'read' in today's manic media world is visual. What does this mean for your business? We look at some basic principles of visual communication and how designers 'partner' with businesses to have them communicating cohesively well beyond the logo. This is a practical workshop that will give you some useful tools to:

Analyse your business' visual communication strategy;
Communicate more effectively with designers, so that you can work together to create your vision;
Understand what designers can do for your business.

Bring to the workshop: a scrap book that contains a collection of visual communication that your business has. This can include anything: your logo and branding, examples of newsletters, Facebook banners, event flyers, transport graphics, point of sale or packaging designs. Anything that you use to communicate what you do!

About the presenter: Willhemina Wahlin is the Lecturer in Graphic Design at Charles Sturt University's Port Macquarie campus. She is also the Creative Director of PROOF: Media for Social Justice, a non-profit organisation based in New York City. She has been designing for over a decade, and also has also worked as a journalist for newspapers and magazines, and combines these skills in her design practice.

Venue:Charles Sturt University Campus
Venue Address:Room 1025, 7 Major Innes Rd, Port Macquarie
Starting:5:30 PM
Thursday 6th September 2018
Ending:7:30 PM
Phone Enquiries:0404417194

CSU Workshop #3 Visual Communication - The role of design in business