CSU Workshop #4 Finance / Business tracking

CSU Professional Development Workshop Series

Improve your professional knowledge in a collaborative environment. We have partnered with CSU and designed a series of interactive and engaging workshops that cover different areas of business.

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Workshop 4:

About: Managing and developing a business is already challenging. Managing accounting and
finances in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the business can be a headache.
Businesses could run out of money because of poor financial and accounting tracking. If you have
concerns in this area, please come to our practical and engaging workshop, where together we
will discuss:

- Financial forecasting, project management tools and future financial projection.

- How to understand your accounting documents and use them to strengthen your business
or identify weak points.

- Tracking progress / refining and redirecting if things aren't on track using financial records
and business analysis tools.

- Please bring to the workshop: Your stories and experiences to share, regarding financial and
business tools that you have been using.

About the presenter: Dr Vien Chu is a lecturer at CSU in the School of Accountancy and Finance.
Prior to joining academia, Vien worked for eight years as an accounting manager, a financial and
general manager for international private sector companies in Vietnam (e.g. Decathlon). Vien has
been doing research on micro and small business development for sustainable poverty alleviation,
and her research has been published in academic journals.

Venue:Charles Sturt University Campus
Starting:5:30 PM
Thursday 4th October 2018
Ending:7:30 PM
Phone Enquiries:0404417194

CSU Workshop #4 Finance / Business tracking