How to do More with Less - Marketing with Jane Hillsdon

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No one understands how to do more, with less better than small business

Marketing budgets are tight and the competition in the market-place can be fierce. And now with the disruption to business that has been caused by COVID19, marketing budgets may have reduced even further and the need for small businesses to remain visible is more important than ever.

It's time for businesses to be brave, back themselves and dig deep for some out of the box thinking.

In her presentation, Jane will show small business owners exactly how they can use clever and creative thinking to create cost-effective, innovative marketing solutions that will create maximum impact.

You will learn:

  • How to explore strategic, innovative and creative ways to approach marketing challenges
  • How to create impactful marketing campaigns on small budgets
  • How to leverage your people to spread your message further
  • How to engage your community in the journey to your businesses success

About Jane Hillsdon

Jane Hillsdon is a passionate award-winning marketer dedicated to helping small business owners make good decisions about their marketing.

She is the founder and Managing Director of Dragonfly Marketing, author of How To Do Marketing A Comprehensive Guide For Small Business and host of The How To Do Marketing Show. Jane wrote her book and publishes her podcast to help small business owners employ smart strategy and creative thinking to their marketing that delivers a healthy return on investment for their business.

Jane is a Certified Practicing Marketer, Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute NSW Committee and a judge for the Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Excellence. She also co-hosts a podcast that helps keep it real for women who are juggling running a business and a family with a podcast called Miss Bossy Boots.

Register via Zoom

Venue:Zoom Virtual Event
Starting:12:30 PM
Thursday 28th May 2020
Ending:2:00 PM

How to do More with Less - Marketing with Jane Hillsdon