Cara Dale

C2Hills Consultancy

Consulting Services
C2Hills Consultancy is a professional service company connecting businesses and non-profit organisations to government and non-government grants, funding and tendering programs. Our consultancy specialises in helping to grow your business. We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer a range of tailored solutions to meet your individual needs.
Cara's Contact Details
Phone: 0409079662

Personal Bio

Cara is an approved lobbyist with both the State and Federal Governments. She has operated the consultancy business since 2013 and has served a growing list of over 200 clients. She manages the grant application processes and lobbying work on numerous projects on a daily basis. Her previous role was as a manager in Business Banking with the National Australia Bank. This hands-on role, aided by a degree in accounting, have provided a wealth of experience in the commercial and local government spheres. Cara was born and bred in the Riverina and is a passionate advocate for regional business growth. Cara always strives to help the mission meet the vision, with a firm belief in planning for successful outcomes.