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Gerry Buckland

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Focused on individual client tailoring, Pilates on Cue offers all ages, personal and group training by strengthening, stretching, lengthening, and sculpting with Pilates exercises. Our motto is simple, every step is progress! Reduce body pain, alleviate stress and anxiety, develop greater strength and motion. Be guided by a qualified Instructor in the comfort of your own home/workplace or join one of our fun and professional group sessions.
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Phone: 0407687333

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A Pilates enthusiast over the last 15 years, my journey evolved as I sought to rehabilitate my back and ankle, which caused chronic and debilitating pain. I discovered the tremendous effects of Pilates on my body and pursued this passion to become a Physio Assisant & qualified Pilates Instructor, so I could share techniques and benefits with others. My greatest achievements include seeing the life-changing results in my clients.