Glenda Hamilton

Perfectly Organised

Assist clients to feel in control & less stressed by showing them how to be more organised at home or at work
These days my goal is two fold: 1) Achieve my own financial freedom 2) Help others improve their lives by assisting them to: a) Build their own financial freedom by developing their own online e-commerce business or b) Save time & money by shopping on the internet for great bargains with cash-back – stretching their cash-flow & having fun into the bargain! c) Regain control of their surroundings & create a more comfortable & productive environment – whether at work or at home c) is achieved through Perfectly Organised where as Professional Organisers we show people how , by being more organised at home &/or at work, they can save time & money, be less stressed and also be free to concentrate on the more important aspects of their lives. The best thing about this business? – Being able to help people improve their lives. I get such a buzz out of helping people regain control of their surroundings and their time. We implement routines & processes specifically designed for them and their situa
Glenda's Contact Details
PO Box 1650 , Port Macquarie , 2444
Phone: 0428 858 292

Personal Bio

Glenda is an independent entrepreneur who enjoys sharing her skills & experiences with others to help them achieve their goals.