FreeThinkers Youth Membership

FreeThinkers Youth Membership is available for young women aged 16-25 years.

The HBWN is excited to welcome the energy and opportunities our FreeThinkers bring to the network. Our vision is to provide members a mutual mentorship between the youth and the experienced - to discover and learn new concepts together.

If you know a young woman OR are a young woman who is starting to blaze her trail and would benefit from additional support in achieving her dreams, we encourage you (and a friend!) to join us at an upcoming event.

FreeThinkers Youth Membership attracts all the benefits of a full membership, but is offered at the subsidised price of $40.00 per year and only pay $15.00 for an event - amazing value!

Membership Period

FreeThinkers Youth Membership - 1 Year $40

FreeThinkers membership is available for young women aged 16-25 years.
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